How To Run ShowBox App For PC Windows 10/8.1/7

Showbox is an application, which is used to play or watch movies, videos and watch series online free from online easily. But, the Showbox application is made only for Android phones by the developers. If you want to run Showbox in your PC then you must need to use Android emulator i.e. BlueStacks or Arc Welder extension by Google Chrome. After that you can easily install Showbox on any Windows version like Windows 7 and later easily. Using this Showbox app you can easily stream movies and videos online without paying a single penny. Thus in this topic we will show you Step By Steps Guide to Run Showbox on your PC. Those who are already running the Android apps in their PC must have the basic idea to install it through Blue Stacks emulator. Otherwise, if you are a new user, you can check out this topic for all the information.

Nowadays, it has become too much easy to experience the Android applications in PC. Depending on this condition, we also planned to show you the same thing such that Showbox can be used in your PC easily. The process to make the Showbox app work is that much complex. However, user needs to follow the proper steps and apply the same on their PC to run this app properly. One thing we need to clear first and that this app is workable in Windows PC only. So do not try these steps in other Operating systems. In this context, the BlueStacks application will work primary to set up the Showbox app in your PC. Let us have a look on the Step By Steps Guide to Run Showbox on your PC.

Step By Steps Guide To Run Show Box For PC Windows:

We already informed you that there are two methods available to run the Showbox app in your PC. One is using the Blue Stacks app and another is using Chrome extension i.e. Arc Welder. Here we will show you both step by steps guide to run Showbox on your PC. Without taking more time let us proceed to have a look on these guidelines given below.

Method 1: Using Bluetacks Android Emulator:

At first we will show you the method to run Showbox App in your PC using the Android Emulator i.e., Blue Stacks for PC.  Follow the below steps and apply the same in your PC now to make this app workable.

  • At first, user needs to start up the PC and connect it with the internet. Now open the web bro wser and go to the Blue Stacks official site to download the emulator in your PC. Click on the proper download like and wait until the download has been completed successfully.
  • Now open the saved Blue stacks .exe file from the folder and double click on it start the installation process. Once the installation has been completed in your PC, now move to the next step.
  • Again, open the browser and download the Showbox Apk file in your PC. The Showbox Apk file is easily available in web to download free. Wait for the file to download completely in your PC.
  • Keep your Blue stacks application open and move to the download folder where you saved the .Apk file of Showbox after downloaded. Right click on the Showbox Apk and open it with the Blue stacks App. If you are using the Blue Stacks for first time, you need to log in into it using Gmail Account.
  • Now the Blue Stacks will easily get install in your PC through Blue Stacks Application. Enjoy the latest movies and videos now using Blue Stacks in PC.

Method 2: Using Chrome Extension – Arc Welder:

In the second process, you need to use Chrome Extension i.e. Arc Welder for running the Showbox in PC. Follow the below steps to make it use in your PC.

  • At first, you need to install the Chrome Browser in your PC from web, which is also available for free. So download it now and install accordingly in your PC.
  • If you have already installed the Chrome Browser earlier then skip the first step. Now download the latest Showbox Apk file from the web as we discussed earlier.
  • After download the Apk file, open the Chrome Browser and install Arc Welder extension from Google Web Store. Click on the Extension and Add to Chrome.
  • Now launch the Arc extension in your PC and click on the Choose option. Now select the folder C:\Chrome-Apps.
  • Simply the new window will open where you can get the option ‘Add your APk’.
  • The Apk will get load from your PC and you can test it through this extension on your browser only. If every step is going right, the Showbox will get open in your PC screen automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Blue Stacks?

Blue Stacks is known as Android emulator to run Android Applications in PC.

  • What is Showbox?

Showbox is an Android application to watch or stream latest movies and videos online for free.

  • What is Apk file?

Apk is the raw version or the installation file for any Android apps.

  • What is Arc Welder?

Arc Welder is a Chrome extension to run Android Apk files.

  • Which is Good: Blue Stacks or Arc Welder?

BlueStacks is good compared to Arc Welder.

  • Windows Supported Version:

Windows 7 or above.


Finally, we want to tell you that these are all about the step by steps guide to run Showbox on your PC. Hope you all are satisfied with the information given here to run Showbox on your PC. May be there are other methods available in web but we will strongly recommend to use the Blue Stacks emulator to run the Showbox app in your PC. Therefore, you need to properly follow up the every guideline given above and apply the same on your PC to get the best result you want. That is all about this topic and tries to share it with your friends and others too.