Download Sopcast And See All Soccer Channels Links

If you like soccer and want to find an application or tool to watch soccer matches online live and direct, streaming, we bring you the free Sopcast application. An app that serves to watch football matches in the Spanish league, the UEFA Champions League, other European leagues such as the Premier League or English League, Italian League or Serie A, among other sports such as boxing, Formula 1, MotoGP and many more sporting events.

Sopcast is a free tool or application to watch videos and TV channels through Internet streaming available for Android phones, iPhone iOS phones, Windows PCs, MacOS PCs. Sopcast uses P2P technology to broadcast these videos. In Sopcast you can see a list with the programs or search for users who broadcast on different specialized pages.

Way To Get All Soccer Channels For Free

Sopcast is a tool that will allow the user to watch free online TV channels. Sopcast has a list of very broad sports channels: You can watch soccer but also other sports such as boxing, the NBA, Formula 1, and that has a good broadcast quality and, once installed, it is very easy to use to watch free soccer games.

The main features of Sopcast are the following

  • Powered by the latest SopCast P2P engine and compatible with all types of SopCast channels
  • Plays all kinds of audio and video files
  • Low CPU usage
  • It is stored in buffer memory
  • Allows you to record the game or sporting event

Download Sopcast For Android: Free APK

Sopcast can be downloaded on Android phones but you will not find it on Google Play so you will have to download the free Sopcast APK from the following links (copy and paste the link). In order to download and install these APKs you will have to activate the Unknown Sources option on your mobile terminal and tablet. To do this you must go to: Settings-> Security and activate the option “Unknown sources”.

1 Link (Official Sopcast Page):

2 Link:

If you have already downloaded and installed the APK you can open Sopcast and see the interface, which is very simple and straightforward.

How to Find The Channel Where They Broadcast The Game You Want to Watch on Sopcast

Sopcast is an app that many users use at the same time (also called PDP system), sharing the same link and in which you can see all the football matches for free and to be able to watch the broadcast of the match you must search for the match earlier in the pages to watch football for free.

In Spain there are websites like RojaDirecta where you will find a wide variety of links to football matches and other sporting events and which is the best known but there are many more that we recommend from

Once you have chosen the link you must choose the one that says to watch the broadcast from Sopcast and the Sopcast app will automatically open for you and you will be able to watch the football match. Very easy!

Download Sopcast for Windows

Do you want to watch football matches on your computer or PC? Sopcast is also for Windows PC To download the program you must go to its official website ( and from there you can already install the file that contains Sopcast to your Windows PC.

When you download the Sopcast program you must accept all the permissions to be able to install Sopcast and, once installed, you will be able to open Sopcast Player on your computer, which is the player by which you will be able to watch free football matches or any event or payment channel for free.

Our technicians recommend that the “Sopcast SopFilter” plugin be installed for those users who want to watch TV channels on the PC from the default Windows Media Player player.

Download SopCast for Linux (copy and paste the link)

Download SopCast for Mac (copy and paste the link)


Thos are the best link to Download Sopcast And See All Soccer Channels For Free. If you want add any link please inform through comment box. Thank you so much.